Teeth Whitening


After proper diagnosis, the teeth are isolated for application for a bleaching product of outstanding quality, which is accelerated by using a cold light bulb to prevent complications of sensitivility. The process usually takes about half an hour and sometimes it takes more than one session, spaced several weeks apart.


After proper diagnosis, a personal tooth tray is made and we give you a whitening product, to be used at home for as long as it is necessary in each case.


In some cases it is necessary to combine the office and home treatment to get the best possible results.


Bleaching is the use of products that produce an oxidation, which breaks down organic materials and eliminates stains and discolorations for a brighter and whiter smile.

The teeth become stained for many reasons such as age, smoking, use of certain antibiotics in early ages, certain foods high degree of coloration and consumption of beverages such as coffee, red wine or tea.

The stability of treatment depends on the patient’s habits and nutrition. Regular examinations and mouth cleaning to remove stains and tartar or using maintenance products also influences the duration. There is also a genetic component in the colour of the teeth.

Therefore some people may take years and others only months.

Bleaching does not act on fillings or crowns. But sometimes replacement is necessary.

In some cases you may experience sensitivity, which will be progressively reduced with time, plus you can use desensitizing products.
Sometimes gums become a little sore which disappears in a few days.