What is root canal treatment?

This treatment is to try and save a tooth that otherwise would have to be removed. It involves the removal of the pulp tissue (nerve) that is inside the dental roots, to keep the tooth and its function.

How is root canal treatment done?

Almost always it needs a local anesthetic, take some x-rays and attend a few appointments. In our clinic we use the latest instruments and appliances to carry out the treatment as efficiently and fast as possible to reduce stress of the patient.

  1. A hole is drilled to the pulp chamber.
  2. Infected tissues are removed and cleaned, and the root canals (space occupied by the nerve) are shaped.
  3. The root canals are filled.
  4. A temporary filling is placed in the tooth crown and a week later it is replaced by a permanent filling.

What should I know?

  • After the root canal treatment there may be some discomfort or slight pain for the first few days.
  • In some cases there may be severe pain and swelling in the area.
  • The treated tooth is more brittle, avoid chewing hard things (hard nuts, chicken bones, olives …). Hence in most cases it is advisable to place a crown to reduce the possibility of fracture.