Orthodontics is a dental speciality that studies, prevents and corrects developmental disorders, the forms of the dental arches and the position of the jaws, to restore balance and functional morphology of the mouth and face, also to improve facial aesthetics.

Our treatments go far beyond simple straightening of the teeth, jaw correction abnormalities of the face, chewing disorders and functional changes in facial aesthetics.

For all this, the person concerned will have to be a person trained and specializing in orthodontics.


There are several causes, but the most common are:

  • The influence of the family genetics.
  • The modern soft food consumption, which limits the size of the bones to hold the entire dentition.
  • The long habit of thumb sucking or dummy.
  • Premature loss of teeth because of sweets abuse, complicates the position of the permanent teeth.
  • Bad breath through your nose, inflammation of tonsils and adenoids or nasal allergies worsens the normal development of teeth and bones involved.
  • Certain periodontal diseases tend to mobilize and cause crooked teeth

Treatment according to the age

Preventive treatment to stop bad children’s habits, usually in primary teeth.

Interceptive treatment aimed to control the growth of the permanent teeth, usually when starting the replacement teeth.

The corrective treatment is indicated when the permanent teeth have grown ,and can be performed in most cases at any age, it does not matter age to give a nice smile.

We work with: