Los Boliches dental clinic

At Los Boliches Dental Clinic we care for people, and that means offering a professional service of the highest quality. We are a family dental clinic in Fuengirola where we offer cutting-edge dentistry, using the most advanced instruments and facilities on the market. We believe in a modern and pioneering dental clinic, for this we have a list of highly qualified dentists who work daily for the oral health of our patients. We want to be your first choice, so if you need a dentist in Fuengirola, do not leave something as important as your oral health, in other hands, have confidence in our professionals.

Our Dental Practice was established by Doctor Salvador Gómez Trujillo over 30 years ago, in Los Boliches Fuengirola. It is a family practice constantly evolving in experience, technology and knowledge, and well known throughout the Costa del Sol. Our Dental Practice meets all the quality requirements, certified by the quality control of the Málaga Dental Council. Thanks to our professional specialist staff, facilities and equipment, we can provide quality and state of the art dentistry and we can successfully treat complex cases.

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