What are dental implants?

The dental implant is an artificial piece of titanium that is inserted into the jaw bone to replace a missing tooth root. They offer a safe and permanent solution for replacing one or more teeth.

Nowadays if the condition of the bone and gums are good, minimum surgery is necessary; with this technique very satisfactory results are obtained with minimum post-operative discomfort.

Normally after dental extraction it is advisable to wait three months before dental implant replacement, sometimes when a front tooth is to be extracted, it can be replaced immediately with an implant to preserve the gum and bone, for the appearance of the future crown in that area then we hinder implant placement.

Normally it is necessary to wait three months before the crown is fitted, but in some instances provisional crowns can be fitted.

We work with:

Types of teeth replacement with implants


There are permanent porcelain coated crowns that are can screwed or cemented.


Overdenture is like a smaller conventional plate, supported with a dental precision attachment over a small number of implants for better retention. It is a good solution for people with problems keeping plates in place, without the use of uncomfortable adhesives all day. Another advantage is that the denture can be removed for cleaning.


These are similar to overdentures but are screw fixed with implants and are ideal to replace teeth and support tissues like lips.